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By changing the approach to violent struggles in the recent decades, Iranians also have been gradually familiar with the peaceful civic movements and were able to achieve effective steps towards their historic demands which are freedom and democracy. However, there still raises the question whether do Iranians really know the full potentialities of the civic peaceful movements and if the have really used all their potentials for all possible forms of this kind of civic movements.

Many individuals and groups who are active in different domains of human rights and civic rights and also different activists who are concentrated on education programs about these two important matters, have already answered these questions, but the question which still raises is that if these attempts are enough?

By emphasizing on this approach, Shahrvand-yar is trying to help Iranian citizens in passing through the current situation to a more powerful civic society, via designing and executing the new, innovative and attractive methods.

The Aims of the Projects!

a) Education and spreading out the knowledge about peaceful movements to pass to democracy with establishing a permanent educational system which by using of modern and attractive methods could be useful for a wider range of people.

b) Empowering Iranian citizens to bypass the censorship in Iran.

c) Educating and spreading out the knowledge about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

How we Reach our audiences?

Education never ends. Education should be a permanent process which uses new and attractive methods in order to be useful for a wider range of people. It has been shown that sometimes the educational programs designed for a wide range of people are welcomed for some and even boring for others, in this way some are missing in the process of education about the fundamentals of democracy. Here raises an important question: what are the reasons based on which we loose some of our audiences?

The first answer, it seems to be, some methods used in the educational processes are not appealing enough. And the second reason is that some of educational methods are much time consuming, therefore not useful for many who have not enough time to use these methods.

By knowing these “Shahrvand-yar” uses “PowerPoint” as an attractive, brief and effective tool and method as educational media, and has based his activities mainly on using this method.

Who are our audience?

The most parts of our audiences are the middle class people, and especially women and the youths who have lesser opportunity to enjoy these educations are not able to pass the high walls of censorships in Iran.

What is a PowerPoint file?

A PowerPoint file has been essentially divided to slides which can be easily controlled by he audiences and users. These files can use multimedia processing to make the education highly easier, user friendly and appealing.

Since one of the main obstacles in front of the civic education in Iran is lacking the attractiveness, and the necessity of using different soft-wares and the heavy files which are not always useful for the weak internet in Iran, PowerPoint files, which do not need any special software to be used and can essentially be designed in very less volumes are much more useful and also transferable.

This method by using very simple vocabulary does not limit itself to a special range, but is useful for a wider range of people.

Who Are We?

We are a group of youths interested in disseminating and spreading out democracy and human rights in Iran. We have gathered in “Shahrvand-yar” institute coming up with the ideas to expand the spirits of citizenship, civil society which, we think, are the cornerstones of democracy and the society free from violence.

There are journalists, human rights activists, and civic and political activists who will help us according to their own specialties and the projects we are working on.

 “Sharvand-yar” institute is a Non-Governmental and Non-Profit organization. Its mission states are Iran and the entire Middle Eastern countries, but cooperating with Sharvand-yar does not obey any geographical limitations.

You may contact us via the following e-mail:


“Shahrvand-yar” Institute


Samples of our works:

 PowerPoint file “How can we have secure connection with Internet?”

Since the despotic regimes lack the popular legitimacy, they consider their citizens as the permanent threat for their security rather than recognizing them as the ones who the society belongs to.

For this reason the dictators are trying always to control the citizens and put different limits on their activities, especially in the internet arena, in which the most parts of civic activists are exchanging their ideas and experiences.

It was the necessity of confronting this reality that made us to prepare our first PowerPoint file about the ways and methods useful for facing with the different ways of governmental controls and spying systems mainly used in Iran.

It should be noticed that “Shahrvand-yar” makes also a short film and a PDF file out of the PowerPoint file and puts them at the disposal of Iranian citizens.

For downloading the file you may click on the link below:

Download PowerPoint

For watching the film and an access to PDF files click the following links:

Download PDF

Download Film

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PowerPoint File: “Elections: an opportunity for Democracy”

Our second PowerPoint is devoted to “Election as an opportunity for Democracy”. In this PowerPoint we have tried to show how it is possible to reach a democracy by following a step by step procedure in totalitarian systems.

For threatening their internal and external enemies, dictators try hard to show that they are elected by the people, even with a faked election. So, they are imposed, somehow, to held an election which can bring an end to their lives. Then, it is natural to think how it is possible to use the Achilles’ heel of the totalitarian systems.

For downloading this PowerPoint click on the below link:

Download PowerPoint

For watching the Film and an access to PDF file click on the below links;

Download PDF

Download Film

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The Shahrvand-yar Institution selected Heshmatollah Tabarzadi as the month of August’s model citizen

Nobody could have imagined that the managing director of a journal, who was once a famous name among the supporters of the religious system ruling Iran, would later turn into one of the most adamant opponents of religious dictatorship. Some believe that Heshmatollah Tabarzadi’s change of attitude toward the ruling system occurred during his time as the manager of the Payam Daneshjoo journal.

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